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Is your Building as Green as it can be? [Harvard]

Achieving a LEED certification for your new construction or retrofit project seems table-stakes these days.

Most of us expect to work, learn, and live in buildings that are environmentally sustainable. We assume our buildings will have the latest and most efficient building automation systems in order to maximize energy reductions. We also expect many other current-day sustainability features in and around our workplace.

But does LEED give you the greenest building it can be? There are so many more things that can be done to make your building sustainable; other than environmentally sustainable building materials and practices, vicinity to public transportation, bike racks, showers, and 'intelligent' buildings systems.

With the Internet of Things, we can connect, monitor, measure, manage, and optimize every energy-consuming smart object that is in your building. Controllers, accentuators, security systems, sensors, light fixtures and light bulbs, parking systems, WiFi access points, all other IT devices (and the list goes on and on): everything can be (and is being) connected.

The data that now can be extracted from these previously-disparate-and-silo'ed-and-proprietary systems via one integrated, secure, resilient, and sustainable IT network, gives us the insight and management control of the energy and carbon footprint of our buildings--the likes we've never seen before.

The emergence of low-voltage technologies (e.g. powering IP, PoE, and LED lighting directing from the solar panels on the roof) will further push the envelope of a zero-carbon built environment.

Register today for the "Digital Buildings" seminar at the Harvard GSD Executive Education and learn how you can use the Internet of Things to make your buildings greener and more sustainable.

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