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Does your Building accommodate New Ways of Working? [Harvard]

The time of cube-farms and corner offices is over. In order to be competitive and attract the brightest talent, businesses need to offer more flexible and modern work spaces. The internet, mobile technologies, and video technologies are un-tethering the workforce from their desk, and allow them to be productive anywhere and anytime.

Soon, the majority of our workforce will be the Millennial (1980-1995) and already the first wave of Generation Z (those born after 1995) is entering the workforce. The nature of work is changing fast in today's digital world. Consequently, the expectations of the workplace are rapidly changing.

The challenge for the real estate owner and facilities manager is to create innovative, inspiring, and productive workplaces that accommodate these changes; both in new buildings and in buildings that may be decades old and adhere to dated design principles.

How do we incorporate the same technologies that are underlying the transformation of work into our built environment so that we can respond quicker to the changing needs of companies and workers? How do we "digitize" the workplace in order to be more attractive to our next generation workforce?

Register today for the "Digital Buildings" seminar at the Harvard GSD Executive Education and learn how you can create future-ready workplaces in your newest building, or in older buildings that need to compete in a connected building world.

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