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Is your Building and are your Tenants Safe from Cyber Attacks? [Harvard]

The news and impact of the Wannacry ransomware cyber attack took the world by storm. Although it hasn't even been the biggest attack yet, it certainly called for continuous heightened awareness of the destructive impact cyber threats and attacks can have on all business.

Sadly, this is the new reality of today's connected and digital world.

Subsequently, some professionals in the real estate community argue that it'd be safer not to embrace digitization of our built environment in order to prevent cyber attacks to their buildings. I would argue the opposite.

Technology, network connectivity, and digitization is already happening. Without a concerted and integrated effort, however, the so-called 'connected' yet disparate building and IT systems won't receive the same security treatment as otherwise well-designed networks would.

As a result, all buildings (all sizes, all types) are even more vulnerable to cyber attacks than every before.

Register today for the "Digital Buildings" seminar at the Harvard GSD Executive Education and learn how you can protect your real estate assets--and your tenants--from the growing threat of cyber crime.

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