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The FINtech of Things

Over the weekend of November 18-20, TD Bank and Cisco are co-hosting FINHACK. As part of our exciting innovation alliance, together we will open the doors of the Cisco Innovation Centre and invite the community to hack away on challenges in the financial services sector.

In a time span of just under 48 hours, some 150+ student developers, designers, UI/UX artists, and Fintech specialists (interested to join? Apply here) will imagine and create solutions that leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to enhance the customer experience; improve service delivery at any point-of-purchase, and re-define insurance.

The financial services industry is being disrupted and transformed because of emerging financial services technologies (fintech). New payment systems, Blockchain (bitcoin), the Internet of Things, crowdfunding, big data and analytics – all combine to create a threat AND/OR opportunity for financial institutions. Cisco and TD’s co-innovation partnership is focused on taking the bold steps to get ahead of these transformative changes and opportunities.

The FINhack is hosted as part of Cisco Canada’s Innovation program in Cisco’s Innovation Centre in Toronto (one of 9 globally), and co-sponsored by TD Bank. Both Cisco and TD Bank recognize that “innovation happens everywhere”, but over the November 18 – 20 weekend we bring it to the Cisco Innovation Centre, and we expect some great ideas and new thinking (for cash prizes!): Let’s co-innovate, collaborate, and co-create and together be the catalyst that will accelerate the digital transformation of the Canadian Financial Services industry.

For more information and registration, please visit: http://www.finhacks.io/

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